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We've loved every minute of our journey

Who we are

Vancouver Island French Bulldogs is a family operated home business........ 

What we do

We have always had dogs & animals for the love, entertainment, and companionship that they provide, but when we were introduced to the French Bulldogs we knew that this would be the last breed of dog we would ever own.

We maintain a fairly small family hobby breeding operation in order to ensure that each of our Frenchies get all of the love and attention he or she deserves, while still maintaining our standard of quality care to all of our adult Frenchies and puppies alike. They are truly our canine children. All of our Frenchies are well socialized from birth by kids and their friends, and not to mention us. They get to spend a lot of time exploring our 3 acres of land. We live on a dead end street with lots of room for our Frenchies to explore, as well as spending a lot of the time indoors, on our laps, in our beds, or in our beautiful kennel.


Our females are treated with a ton of respect and are only bred twice before we retire them to loving furever retirement homes. We wait until they are mature (2 Yrs) before we breed them and then we wait at least a year in between breedings.

We breed for quality – not quantity. Which is what you will find with our puppies. Our goal is to improve the breed by only mating dogs that are in high accordance with the breed standard in conformation, uniformity, health, and temperament.

Our adorable puppies will bring so much joy into your family's life! The biggest problem with our puppies is getting just one!

Vancouver Island French Bulldogs

Our Dogs will leave their paw prints on
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